Friday, June 27, 2008

Hanging Out with Su In in MyeongDong

Yesterday, I hung out with Su In in 명동. I didn't leave my room until about 1 in the afternoon. Before that, I tried calling Su In, but got no answer. When I went outside and called her, she answered, and said she'd be at 회현역 in thirty minutes. I stood outside for two hours, bored out of my mind and hot. But she finally showed up and we had fun. In Myeongdong, we ate Burger King, went to a dvd 방 to watch "Little Miss Sunshine", which I had previously seen with my mother and brother. It's a great movie. After that, we went to a cafe and sat there for almost three hours, I think. I got kiwi juice and she got her second green tea latte of the day. Earlier in the day, when I met her, she was drinking one 하하. Then we took the subway. The first stop was 남대문. I said goodbye to her and found my way back to my youth hostel pretty easily. I bought some drinks on the way there, so that I wouldn't have to drink tap water. I saw my friend from Finland in front of the hostel, and he said he went to the DMZ. Then, when I walked into my room, I saw a HUGE roach. I told 민 and he moved my bed and killed it for me. After that, I stayed up until almost 2 AM talking to people on MSN. I woke up about one hour ago. Here are some pictures from yesterday! I desperately need to buy a folding chair so that I can use the computer without breaking my back ㅋㅋ

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