Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ewha and Bennigan's

Yesterday, I woke up late. It was freezing cold in my room. You see, the guy who runs the goshiwon always turn the air conditioning off at midnight, so I sleep naked. However, every morning, I wake up freezing because he turns the air back on haha =( Anyway, I got my glasses fixed in 15 seconds (for free!) by a nice lady at a glasses store. I had accidentally slept on them at some point during the previous night. After that, I took a picture of the first place I ate at last year, the evening I arrived in Korea. I bought a cool t-shirt at Migliore Department Store, and then took a pic of Migliore and of Ewha. I didn't really go on the campus, because I'm not a student there any longer, and it's a girls' school haha. I ate a delicious sampler at Bennigan's that included mozzarella sticks, potato thingies with cheddar cheese and bacon, and buffalo wings. I also ordered a delicious"Strawberry Stretch", which is a strawberry smoothie. After that, I went back to my room. Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer. It felt like 110 degrees. Literally! I also cut my fingers a couple of days ago. One finger got cut on the wood above the fridge in my room, and another when I reached into my suitcase and was cut by a razor! Here are some pictures:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Update!

So, on Friday morning, I had to move out of Seoul Backpackers due to a scheduling conflict with the boss of the place, Han. I moved out early and went to a place literally 20 feet away for the day. The room was big and there was a big bathroom and a nice bed, but there was no Internet connection. Fortunately, there was air conditioning and channel 2 was the adult movie channel, which I didn't get at Seoul Backpackers hahaha. On Friday afternoon, I had a horrible date with a horrible girl. On Saturday morning, I woke up early, moved out of the intermediary place, went to MyeongDong to kill 5 hours, came back to Seoul Backpackers, and left with Seong In for the Go Shi Won in ShinChon around 5 o'clock. Before leaving, I talked to the cleaning lady there, who is Korean but her family has lived in China for a while. She was actually born in China. So, she can speak Korean and Mandarin fluently, I guess. I moved in to the Go Shi Won, and sweated to death while noticing how incredibly small the place is. I took an ultra-quick shower, and upon leaving the incredibly small bathroom, I noticed that the floor was all wet. I quickly dried it off, got ready, left my room, locked my door, put on my sneakers downstairs, and ran towards the subway. As it turned out, Mina was twenty minutes late, anyway. I got to my destination at exactly 7 o'clock. Apparently, I simply can't be late for anything, because it's in my Jewish blood. We ate at Outback Steakhouse and had fun. When I came back, I got lost, but then was able to find the Go Shi Won. It's pretty much hidden, but it's sort of easy to have a rough idea of where you are, because it's near the subway station and the big, very popular McDonald's. I unpacked, set up the Internet, showered, and talked to people. This morning, I woke up early, talked to Mike and Steve on MSN, showered, and went to meet Tae Ha Noona in order to see the baseball game. The game featured the Doosan Bears versus the SamSung Lions. It was incredibly fun; I took lots of pictures and videos. Afterwards, we went to a different town and sat at a cafe, drinking really sweet iced tea and using the Internet. We looked up Eric Clapton on, checked the score of the baseball game (since we left early before it ended, in order to avoid crazy traffic (our team lost)), and I showed her Spinal Tap on Youtube. She thought it was very funny! Of course, I also gave her the Guns 'N' Roses concert dvds I bought at MyeongDong subway station, when we met outside the stadium. She came up to me when I had my headphones on and was putting anti-insect-whatever cream on my poor body. It was a great night! Tomorrow morning, I have to wake up early and move to the room next door! Jesus Christ; moving four times in two days! In the following pictures, you can see a hilarious t-shirt from Migliore Department Store in MyeongDong, which I saw on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, it wasn't available in large or extra large. You can also see the Olympic Stadium from 1988, which hasn't been used since then! haha

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday, I woke up late and went to eat jajangmyun. After that, I bought some kebab from the Iraqi guy. He wanted to see my phone again, and he kept bothering me. He wouldn't let me leave. I finally escaped from him. Then I went in search of hotels to stay in. I though I saw the New Korea Hotel in the distance, but it turned out to be the New Oriental Hotel=( I went to an underground shopping mall and talked to two middle aged men, both of whom spoke English very well, for about an hour. We spoken in English and Korean. One of them wouldn't leave me alone, and he kept bothering me about hotels. He called his friend and asked him to help me find a place to live. They both tried to convince me to stay at cheap, shitty places. I tried to escape from him, but, unfortunately, we were walking in the same direction. I finally lost him, and came across two middle school girls in a church playground. I asked them where the hotels were, and they went with me because they wanted to be nice, I guess. However, it must have looked awfully weird and bad when the people on the streets saw me walking in and out of hotels, saying to these girls "Too expensive!", in Korean, at 10 PM. I really wasn't thinking very well at that time. I thanked the young girls and said goodbye to them, and then ran in to the same damned annoying guy who tried to convince me to stay in cheap, shitty places. I had told him I was going home an hour before haha. I escaped from him again, and then I got lost, and finally made my way back to the youth hostel. I told Seong-In about my story. I barely got any sleep last night. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


All I remember about yesterday was eating Burger King, after three days of Korean food, and being extremely worried at night, after I was told by Seong-In that I'd have to leave the youth hostel in two days. I didn't understand what the problem was, so I talked to Seong-In and Han, the boss of the place, for at least two hours. I also talked with my brother. There was a miscommunication, and the sign-in/sign-out sheet apparently isn't very important here. Han thought I was staying here for one month and sent me an e-mail saying that a while ago, but when I arrived at the hostel I extended my stay until the 14th of August. Anyway, that paper is gone! So, Seong-In has helped me find a hotel down the street. The only problem is that their Internet service sucks. After I stay there, I'm going to move back here for a week or so. Damn!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Yesterday, I basically did nothing. It rained and it poured all day long. It even rained in my room, so the old lady who cleans things here and a guy who works here gave me some towels. I immediately checked my wet suitcase, to make sure that the cds and dvds inside weren't wet. They were a little wet, but I dried them off immediately and saved them. Phew~ At night, I ate kalbi, and got dwaeji gogi to take home. I talked to the woman working at the restaurant a lot, because she was trying to explain to me that I had to refrigerate the pork for only 3 or 4 hours and then eat it, or I could get sick. It took me a while to figure out what she was talking about. At night, I talked to Nick and Clara on MSN. I ate my dwaeji gogi with sparkling lemon soda, and it was awesome. haha I went to bed a little after 1 AM, but woke up at almost 2 o'clock. That's really terrible! I need to start waking up earlier. It's supposed to rain all day here, but I'm still going to go out and do something. I really have to, you know? Anyway, here are some videos from yesterday!

No More Pizza Hut!

Yesterday, I woke up really late, watched a show on the Discovery Channel about the Vietnam War, and then went to Shinchon to meet Yuna. Before we met, I went to a local Burger King just to take pictures of Bill Haley and Sam Cooke. haha We had a little trouble meeting, because it was very crowded. We ate at Pizza Hut, even though I didn't want to! It was her decision. Please, no more Pizza Hut! After that, I headed home. On the subway ride back, I started talking to some random girl who likes Japanese Pop music. I needed someone to talk with because the subway ride was a bit long. At night, I got dwaeji gogi from Kim Bap Ch'eon Guk. It tasted like crap=( It was supposed to rain heavily last night, but there was barely any rain at all! Apparently, in both America and Korea, all weather men and women are liars! hahaha

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm so, so exhausted right now haha. Yesterday, all I did was go to MyeongDong to eat at Friday's, because I hadn't had a hamburger in a million years. The burger sucked because the bacon was pure fat. After that, I bought a Kurosawa dvd and Jazz On A Summer's Day. At the dvd place at the subway station, I talked to this random guy in Korean, and it turned out he's a Korean American from New York, who now lives in New Jersey. What a small world! haha

Friday, July 18, 2008

Taeha Noona At No Ryang Jin

Yesterday, I watched the Eric Clapton dvd I bought a couple of days before at Myeongdong subway station during the afternoon. It's Clapton, not Crapton! hahah. Then, I showered and shaved late in the day, because I had plans to meet Tae Ha noona. I got to No Ryang Jin and tried to get won (Korean money) out of the machine, but it wouldn't work. She arrived about 5 minutes late, and we ate sam gyup sal, and then went to see "Knocked Up", which was a a very funny, dirty, sweet movie. She keeps on refusing to let me pay for stuff! haha Here are some pictures!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eating Kalbi & Buying Shampoo, Soap And Shaving Gel

I barely did anything yesterday! haha I woke up way too late, ate kalbi for dinner at a place near here, and greeted Seong In and his fellow Seoul Backpackers workers as they walked in unexpectedly. I guess they were hungry too haha. I wore my silly Rolling Stones shirt for the first time, with terribly incorrect English printed on the back of it. I had purple soo-jeong-gwa after my meal, for free! It was great! Then, I bought the stuff I needed for the bathroom, like shampoo, soap and shaving gel, and also some gogi-mandoo for later that night. I guess it's bad to eat after midnight, but I really don't care. I talked to my brother and father on webcam around 1 AM, though there was a twenty or thirty second delay in terms of sound. My brother said that it looks like I stole my shirt off the back of a 40 year old Italian woman living in Merrick. You'll be able to see what he means in the pictures haha. Also, throughout the day, I worked on a new Blues blog, which you can find at , because there were some problems with the old one. Today, I'll meet TaeHa Noona around 7 o'clock. Here are some pictures!

My Truly Dear You!

Yesterday, I wore my light blue t-shirt, which says "참 좋은 당신", roughly meaning, "my truly dear you!", to Myeongdong, and took two pictures with this weird cartoon-like creature on the streets. I also bought a three dollar Eric Clapton concert dvd, and a three dollar Hendrix one. At night, I worked on my Blues blog, and talked to Nick on Skype. We got to see each other on webcam for the first time, and I also talked with/saw his friends, Jeong Shil and Tomoko. Although I couldn't see her on webcam, I also spoke with Nick's Japanese tutor from last semester, when neither one of us was going to school, who lives a block or two away from him in New York. Her name is Azusa/Lisa, and her English is great. She likes wrestling hahaha.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Search For Lacoste Shirts In Itaewon

Yesterday, I went to Itaewon in search of Lacoste shirts. I had bought a sky blue one the week before. After walking around for over an hour and a half, and sweating to death, and asking numerous people where to find the shirts, only to be told that they aren't sold there, I finally found a woman who was selling them. I bought two, for a total of forty dollars. Apparently, the police had come around a few days ago and removed the bootleg shirts, someone said. That's why I wasn't able to find them at the original shop. I told the woman I bought the shirts from that I didn't mind that they were bootleg. I ate Burger King, since I hadn't had a hamburger in almost a full month. I also bought a wonderful B.B. King dvd of him performing live in Africa. It's only 48 minutes long, but it only cost me five bucks. I watched it last night. Before watching it, I talked with a truly strange Japanese man who looked to be in his late 30s or early 40s. This was at 12:30 AM at the youth hostel. He was way too loud and excited about everything. He knew all the old Blues guys I told him about, he also likes Deep Purple, and he likes Korea, and said this is his forth time here. He made way too much noise, though, so Seong In had to tell us to keep the noise down. He showed me his blog with his 100 cats he lives with, and I showed him a wrestling website which he loved, and also my Blues blog. Today, I think I'll go to MyeongDong to look for 돼지 고기 and also to maybe buy a Korean movie. It's supposed to be very hot today!