Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Update!

So, on Friday morning, I had to move out of Seoul Backpackers due to a scheduling conflict with the boss of the place, Han. I moved out early and went to a place literally 20 feet away for the day. The room was big and there was a big bathroom and a nice bed, but there was no Internet connection. Fortunately, there was air conditioning and channel 2 was the adult movie channel, which I didn't get at Seoul Backpackers hahaha. On Friday afternoon, I had a horrible date with a horrible girl. On Saturday morning, I woke up early, moved out of the intermediary place, went to MyeongDong to kill 5 hours, came back to Seoul Backpackers, and left with Seong In for the Go Shi Won in ShinChon around 5 o'clock. Before leaving, I talked to the cleaning lady there, who is Korean but her family has lived in China for a while. She was actually born in China. So, she can speak Korean and Mandarin fluently, I guess. I moved in to the Go Shi Won, and sweated to death while noticing how incredibly small the place is. I took an ultra-quick shower, and upon leaving the incredibly small bathroom, I noticed that the floor was all wet. I quickly dried it off, got ready, left my room, locked my door, put on my sneakers downstairs, and ran towards the subway. As it turned out, Mina was twenty minutes late, anyway. I got to my destination at exactly 7 o'clock. Apparently, I simply can't be late for anything, because it's in my Jewish blood. We ate at Outback Steakhouse and had fun. When I came back, I got lost, but then was able to find the Go Shi Won. It's pretty much hidden, but it's sort of easy to have a rough idea of where you are, because it's near the subway station and the big, very popular McDonald's. I unpacked, set up the Internet, showered, and talked to people. This morning, I woke up early, talked to Mike and Steve on MSN, showered, and went to meet Tae Ha Noona in order to see the baseball game. The game featured the Doosan Bears versus the SamSung Lions. It was incredibly fun; I took lots of pictures and videos. Afterwards, we went to a different town and sat at a cafe, drinking really sweet iced tea and using the Internet. We looked up Eric Clapton on, checked the score of the baseball game (since we left early before it ended, in order to avoid crazy traffic (our team lost)), and I showed her Spinal Tap on Youtube. She thought it was very funny! Of course, I also gave her the Guns 'N' Roses concert dvds I bought at MyeongDong subway station, when we met outside the stadium. She came up to me when I had my headphones on and was putting anti-insect-whatever cream on my poor body. It was a great night! Tomorrow morning, I have to wake up early and move to the room next door! Jesus Christ; moving four times in two days! In the following pictures, you can see a hilarious t-shirt from Migliore Department Store in MyeongDong, which I saw on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, it wasn't available in large or extra large. You can also see the Olympic Stadium from 1988, which hasn't been used since then! haha

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