Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eating Kalbi & Buying Shampoo, Soap And Shaving Gel

I barely did anything yesterday! haha I woke up way too late, ate kalbi for dinner at a place near here, and greeted Seong In and his fellow Seoul Backpackers workers as they walked in unexpectedly. I guess they were hungry too haha. I wore my silly Rolling Stones shirt for the first time, with terribly incorrect English printed on the back of it. I had purple soo-jeong-gwa after my meal, for free! It was great! Then, I bought the stuff I needed for the bathroom, like shampoo, soap and shaving gel, and also some gogi-mandoo for later that night. I guess it's bad to eat after midnight, but I really don't care. I talked to my brother and father on webcam around 1 AM, though there was a twenty or thirty second delay in terms of sound. My brother said that it looks like I stole my shirt off the back of a 40 year old Italian woman living in Merrick. You'll be able to see what he means in the pictures haha. Also, throughout the day, I worked on a new Blues blog, which you can find at , because there were some problems with the old one. Today, I'll meet TaeHa Noona around 7 o'clock. Here are some pictures!

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