Sunday, July 6, 2008

What A Strange Day!

Today, I woke up, shaved and showered, and got ready to meet a friend at 건대입구, which is about a 35 minute trip from 회현역. I was supposed to meet my friend at two o'clock. I got there at about 1:40, and talked to a girl named 지은 with bad teeth. She was waiting for some guy who showed up. To make a long story short, while calling my friend four or five times, I talked to a nice guy waiting for his friend. I also spoke to an 80-something year old Korean man with no teeth, who was a hunchback, and had a cane. He spoke a little English to me, but we spoke mostly in Korean. It was hilarious, because I could barely understand what he was saying because of his lack of teeth. He gave me a peanut or peanut butter candy which I didn't eat. He asked me where I was from. I called Minsoo throughout this whole ordeal. He said Korean girls are sometimes an hour or two late, but I thought something was definitely up, besides that. I took some pictures of funny stores like "Karl Max", instead of "Karl Marx". So, I went to a nearby coffee shop and got some peach juice. I drank it, went to the bathroom, and then called my friend again. She finally answered, apologized, and said that her friend got sick and she had to substitute for her at work. She told me she tried to call me, but it didn't work. This is a major problem. Nobody here seems to be able to call me at all, because I have a New York phone number. The alternative was buying a phone in Korea, with a Korean operating system, and paying 160 dollars a month, not even counting expenses for phone calls, and also not knowing how to call my house, which is what happened last year. The whole situation is really fucking annoying and fucking irritating. On my way back to 회현, some weird, ugly, middle-aged lady said "Come over here", while I was on the subway. She asked me about colleges and universities in America. She said she was going to America to become a doctor or something. Then she asked me where I was getting off, and she said I should come to her place. Yuck! She was fat, old, ugly and hairy. I walked away from her. Then I went to 명동, because the only thing that could cheer me up was buying a cd. I hadn't eaten all day, because of waiting for my friend for about two hours. I ate at Pizza Hut. I'm very disappointed with Korean food here so far. It's been pretty shitty. Somebody better bring me somewhere good, but then again, nobody ever shows up to meet me. I haven't met up with a friend in one week; since last Sunday. Korean girls obviously hate me. Anyway, after eating my grease at Pizza Hut, I searched for the cd place. I couldn't find it, so I went to a different music store. The lady there gave me directions on paper, but they didn't help. I asked a bunch of people on the streets and nobody knew. I finally found some guy who was willing to walk with me for about 45 minutes in order find the place. He was very, very nice, but couldn't help me out. I thanked him and said goodbye to him. I went back to the lady at the original shop, and she volunteered to walk there with me. Her boss said it was okay. So, we walked there, and talked in Korean. I told her where I'm from and that I studied at Ewha last year. She's never been to a different country. I asked her if her boss is her father. She laughed and said he isn't. She's 35 years old. I told her about my failed meeting with my friend today. We found a multi-floor cd store, and I thanked her sincerely and said goodbye to her. I bought a Jimmie Noone cd which got five stars on I drank some pineapple juice and then got on the subway to come home. When I got back, I picked up my laundry, which is not stained, but is creased, and I talked to the guy at the front desk about my exhausting day. I think I lost 10 pounds in sweat, but maybe gained it all back from eating Pizza Hut hahaha. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. I plan on going to Itae Won, wherever that is.

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