Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Rainy Day in Myeong Dong Town

Yesterday, I woke up late, took the subway to Myeong Dong, and called Noeul. I finally got through to her. She told me that she had no idea I had called yesterday, even though I did like three times. Anyway, we will meet one of these days. In Myeong Dong, I went to Migliore (백화점) and bought a "난 요즘 힘들다" t-shirt. I talked with the cute girl working there, who had short orange hair. I think I bought a size too small, but they convinced me to buy it. Then I had some tasteless boolgogi while it began to rain. The girls sitting next to me were speaking Cantonese, I think. After that, I called Jin Sun for the first time, and we had a nice conversation. Then, I bought a Mizoguchi movie, a Kurosawa one, and a Louis Armstrong documentary. I also got three chicken kebab thingies and some juices in case I got hungry last night. I watched the Armstrong documentary and was moved to tears, and at night, I talked to friends on MSN and my family on the phone. WWF was on television, which I found hilarious. I went to bed a little late, because I was watching D-Day on the comedy channel, which is this dirty show that isn't really that dirty. It's more funny.

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