Sunday, July 20, 2008

No More Pizza Hut!

Yesterday, I woke up really late, watched a show on the Discovery Channel about the Vietnam War, and then went to Shinchon to meet Yuna. Before we met, I went to a local Burger King just to take pictures of Bill Haley and Sam Cooke. haha We had a little trouble meeting, because it was very crowded. We ate at Pizza Hut, even though I didn't want to! It was her decision. Please, no more Pizza Hut! After that, I headed home. On the subway ride back, I started talking to some random girl who likes Japanese Pop music. I needed someone to talk with because the subway ride was a bit long. At night, I got dwaeji gogi from Kim Bap Ch'eon Guk. It tasted like crap=( It was supposed to rain heavily last night, but there was barely any rain at all! Apparently, in both America and Korea, all weather men and women are liars! hahaha

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