Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More MyeongDong and Hong Seong In

Yesterday, I woke up late, took quick shower, went out to 명동 and took a little video footage, bought "In The Mood For Love" on dvd for three bucks, went in search of the cd store, which I finally found after one hour of sweating to death. Unfortunately, they didn't really have anything I wanted there, and one of the men working there made remarks about how the music I like is very old haha. After that, I went to KFC and ate, and also got some chicken to take home. I talked to 홍성인, who works here, and he suggested we go to some kind of club on Sunday. We took a picture together, and then I watched "In The Mood For Love", which was excellent, and quite depressing. I went to bed very late because the movie was over two hours long. Today, I'll meet 태하 누나 at seven o'clock at 용산. Here are some pictures!

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