Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Truly Dear You!

Yesterday, I wore my light blue t-shirt, which says "참 좋은 당신", roughly meaning, "my truly dear you!", to Myeongdong, and took two pictures with this weird cartoon-like creature on the streets. I also bought a three dollar Eric Clapton concert dvd, and a three dollar Hendrix one. At night, I worked on my Blues blog, and talked to Nick on Skype. We got to see each other on webcam for the first time, and I also talked with/saw his friends, Jeong Shil and Tomoko. Although I couldn't see her on webcam, I also spoke with Nick's Japanese tutor from last semester, when neither one of us was going to school, who lives a block or two away from him in New York. Her name is Azusa/Lisa, and her English is great. She likes wrestling hahaha.

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