Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meeting Tae Ha At Yong San

Yesterday, I woke up late, talked to Nick on MSN, ate pepper steak potato chips for lunch, took a late shower, and then went to go meet 태하 누나 at 용산 지하철역, which has a mall inside of it, and a 대우 car display. It's really a beautiful mall. There is also a waterfall going down the steps. It's really a great looking place. There are also restaurants and ice cream places. Anyway, I met her a little after seven. She recognized me right away. She was carrying a book on Roman history, and said she has not computer in her room; just a lot of books! Wow! We went to eat at a curry place, because we couldn't find a 삼겹살 place. She got a hamburger curry thing, and I got a pork cutlet with cheese with curry dish. I gave her my olives, because I don't like them, and she said she likes them. She saw some pictures on my camera. She wouldn't let me pay, so I snuck 10 dollars into her pocket book, with her knowing haha. After eating, we went to a coffee place. She got some bitter coffee and I got a strawberry smoothie. We looked at more pictures on my phone, and on her cell phone. She wouldn't really let me see a lot of her pictures. She said she was naked in them. I was shocked. Then she said she was just joking. We went to the bathroom, and I told her I was sad because the cops went into the bathroom to get a homeless guy out of there. After that, we went to sit outside on one of those benches with no back to them haha. I hate those things. I played her the Cream song on my phone, since she likes Clapton a lot. We talked a lot outside, for at least an hour, and then went to the bathroom again, and had to say goodbye. It was a lot of fun. We talked about Mike, Noeul, Nick, Clara, her ex-boyfriend, who loved wrestling, etc. She laughed at my Professor Kim imitation, and my Italian imitation, and my Russian one, too haha. We hugged goodbye. When I got back to Nam Dae Moon, I ate 야끼 만두 at the same place. I stayed up late, talking to Nick on MSN. I'm supposed to hang out with 노을 today, but she's not answering her phone!

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