Monday, July 7, 2008


So, I'm officially exhausted. I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I went to Itaewon today. There were many foreigners there. Most of them were black and were not educated-looking, honestly. All the shopkeepers greeted me in English, but I replied in Korean and we spoke Korean. I don't like how the foreigners in Itaewon look like white and black trash and don't both to speak or learn any Korean. I bought a "대한민국" shirt and a light blues Lacoste shirt for 17 dollars. It was supposed to be 18, but the lady there liked me because I spoke Korean with her. She also was willing to give me a whole thing of tissues just because I asked her if she had one. I lost my camera case, so I had to buy a new one for ten bucks when I came back to 남대문. Anyway, I also bought a cd of a bunch of versions of 아리랑 after ten minutes of looking for Blues, Jazz, and Traditional Korean music cds. I talked to the girl working at the store and we took a picture or two together. At night, I spoke with Methak, who is the Iraqi guy who runs the chicken kebab store. He is a real pervert. He is exactly like Borat, which is hilarious. He says he is so lonely that he wants "a prostitute!" Then he wanted to take pictures with me, and see the girls on my camera. The guy is truly hilarious. Right now, there is some stupid pseudo-porno show on tv that Nick would love, because it's Japanese girls in bikinis going bowling. How stupid! Well, hopefully I'll be able to meet up with someone tomorrow. I was supposed to see Namju and Dongjin today, but those plans fell apart=(

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