Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dongguk University

Today, I went to Dongguk University. I woke up, showered, used the screwed-up toilet, and took a tourist pamphlet with me. I went to 충무로 and then tried to find 동국 대학교 for over an hour. I finally found it with the help of a middle school student who spoke some English. We spoke mostly in Korean. I took many, many pictures there. I also sweated to death haha. There's no way I can upload them all (the pics, not the sweat), so I'll leave a link to the pictures from today which I posted on Facebook at the bottom of this blog entry. I basically took pictures of lots of Buddhist stuff. I went to 남산 Park for a few minutes after I left the university, but I was so tired by that point. Going to see the Buddhist stuff required walking up a hill. 너무 힘들어요! Nobody else was in the museum besides me, and it was free haha. I got to take pictures with 부처님! Yay! haha. Anyway, I asked a bunch of girls for directions today, meaning I followed Nick's advice. I scared one of them. She had probably never talked to a Westerner before. I made my way back to the station, but first stopped off at Popeye's. This was my first time eating there, in America or in Korea, and it was delicious. It was a bit messy. The girl at the counter enjoyed talking to me. I wore my Rolling Stones shirt today, and look like shit in my pictures I took with Buddha, because I was dripping with sweat. After all this, I got a lemon-green apple smoothie at the place I went to with 신아 on Saturday, the day we met, and then took the subway home. Forty minutes ago, I ate my chicken kebab which I had put in the refrigerator, and then, as I walked to the nearby store where the old man lays on the wooden bench thingy, some Japanese girl said, "안녕하세요" to me, which I found weird, because she didn't look Korean. On the way back from there, I stopped and talked to her, found out her name is Yukako, got her MSN address, told her I like Ozu, Kurosawa and Mizoguchi, all of whom she knew, and, by the way, our whole conversation was in Korean, because she doesn't speak English hahaha. I told her about Nick. Yanne (spelling?), who is my friend from Finland, came out to smoke, and we all talked, though they couldn't communicate at all. Here's the Facebook link:


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