Tuesday, July 22, 2008


All I remember about yesterday was eating Burger King, after three days of Korean food, and being extremely worried at night, after I was told by Seong-In that I'd have to leave the youth hostel in two days. I didn't understand what the problem was, so I talked to Seong-In and Han, the boss of the place, for at least two hours. I also talked with my brother. There was a miscommunication, and the sign-in/sign-out sheet apparently isn't very important here. Han thought I was staying here for one month and sent me an e-mail saying that a while ago, but when I arrived at the hostel I extended my stay until the 14th of August. Anyway, that paper is gone! So, Seong-In has helped me find a hotel down the street. The only problem is that their Internet service sucks. After I stay there, I'm going to move back here for a week or so. Damn!

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