Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ewha and Bennigan's

Yesterday, I woke up late. It was freezing cold in my room. You see, the guy who runs the goshiwon always turn the air conditioning off at midnight, so I sleep naked. However, every morning, I wake up freezing because he turns the air back on haha =( Anyway, I got my glasses fixed in 15 seconds (for free!) by a nice lady at a glasses store. I had accidentally slept on them at some point during the previous night. After that, I took a picture of the first place I ate at last year, the evening I arrived in Korea. I bought a cool t-shirt at Migliore Department Store, and then took a pic of Migliore and of Ewha. I didn't really go on the campus, because I'm not a student there any longer, and it's a girls' school haha. I ate a delicious sampler at Bennigan's that included mozzarella sticks, potato thingies with cheddar cheese and bacon, and buffalo wings. I also ordered a delicious"Strawberry Stretch", which is a strawberry smoothie. After that, I went back to my room. Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer. It felt like 110 degrees. Literally! I also cut my fingers a couple of days ago. One finger got cut on the wood above the fridge in my room, and another when I reached into my suitcase and was cut by a razor! Here are some pictures:

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