Friday, August 1, 2008

Taeha Noona & More Pizza Hut Haha

I don't want any more Pizza Hut!!!

Last night, I met up with Taeha Noona in Shinchon. She said it took only twenty minutes for her to get there, so I was relieved. We ate at Pizza Hut, where I never want to eat again, and then saw a movie. We had a great time! By the way, before this, I was YELLED at by the middle-aged man working here. You see, in Korea, you are supposed to take off your sneakers/shoes on the first floor. I live on floor #4. For some bizarre reason, this man gave me a key to a locker on the third floor, but the locker isn't really on the third floor; it's beside the staircase. Therefore, he decided to mix Korean and American shoe/sneaker culture and confuse the living shit out of me. So, I was in the habit of walking up to the third floor (not really the floor, but between staircases) with my sneakers on, taking them off there, and then putting them in the locker. He explained to me (well, he yelled at me in Korean) that I'm supposed to take them off on the first floor and carry them up to the third floor by hand. So, this is what I have to do to get from the streets to my room:

1) Enter code on keypad
2) Walk to second floor and take sneakers off
3) Pick up sneakers and walk with them to the locker
4) Use my key to unlock the locker and put my sneakers in there
5) Walk to floor #4
6) Use a different code on a different keypad in order to get to my floor
7) Use a different key (not the locker key) to open the door to my room


He wrote on paper that he has cameras everywhere, and that if I do what I did one more time, he will throw me out without a refund. Why the FUCK does he think I would do this purposely? It's his fucking fault, because he is mixing Western shoe culture and Korean shoe culture together by putting a fucking locker between the bottom floor and my floor. He's making it confusing for no damned reason!

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