Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Talking With A 75 Year Old Genius Outside A "Jazz" Bar

I didn't do much yesterday. I pretty much walked around outside the goshiwon late in the afternoon. I talked with a 75 year old man who was working in a little shitty room the size of a box, outside of a Jazz Bar. He told me the show would start an hour and a half later. We talked about Koreans, Jews, Korea, the Korean War, my troubles at the goshiwon, Namdaemun, and how he had studied at some university or college in Kansas in 1955. I think he said it wasn't fun. He learns new English words every day. He read to me from a newspaper, trying to figure out the meaning of the word "snapped". He thought it meant "broken", which it usually does, but in this case, two things had snapped into place on a Japanese space shuttle called "Kibo", I think. His English is excellent! I was amazed! It turned out the Jazz Bar was a bar with K-Pop performances. I got out of there. I was quite disappointed. I told the old man it was K-Pop crap. He loves Classical music only, and has family in Flushing. He doesn't like the Rolling Stones or the Beatles, he said. I took some pictures around the neighborhood, and that's about it. Ah, between my first time talking with the man and my trip back to the "Jazz" Bar, I ate a 12 piece McNuggets at McDonald's, and also ordered fries and a Sprite, and my stomach was quite full! At the Burger King next door, I took pictures of Everly Brothers and Ricky Nelson albums haha.

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