Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yesterday, I woke up early, called Noeul and Jaehong a few times, met Noeul at HyeHwa station and briefly talked with her friend, who was a tall, skinny guy. He left, and Noeul and I went to Baskin Robbins. We caught up on old times. We waited for Jaehong for almost two hours, but it was worth it! I really missed him! I gave him many big hugs! Noeul took a pic or two of us and then left. Jaehong and I ate shabu-shabu. It was my first time trying it. Then we walked around a lot. We drank maehwasu, which is like maeshil + alchohol and ate chicken wings at a nice, little, dark place where we took our sneakers off and sat around and talked. We talked about life, Stony Brook, girls, etc. He will be going to the University of Texas at Austin (I think that's the name!) in less than 1 week! So, I won't see him for over a year, probably. I wished him good luck, told him the many meanings of "fuck", and tried to introduce him to Texas/southern-style speech. Then, we went to Krispy Kreme and ate donuts and drank Arizona Iced Tea. Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to him, and I almost cried. I will really, really miss him! He's the only guy who hung out with me all summer, besides Seong In (from the youth hostel). Namju, Dongjin, Yongkuk and all of them had no time for me; but Jaehong did! What a sweet guy! I gave him many hugs and wished him great luck! I told him to live on campus and practice his English with Americans, and also told him that he can easily get a blonde girl if he wants. I wish him the best of luck and really love him like a brother!!!

*P.S.*- He told me that my Korean got much better=)

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