Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Fun, Rainy Day With Mina Noona & A Decent Haircut & Three CDs For $25

Yesterday, I met up with Mina Noona at Ddook Sum. The meeting was at 1:30, but I got there way too early, around 12:40. So, I went to a local PC bang (for the first time in my life). Everything there was very hi-tech. I only used MSN Messenger and Facebook. Then we met up at 1:30 at the train station, went to Mindeulleh Cafe in HyeHwa, which is a nice, small, artsy town not too far from her house. After that, we saw a movie, ate seolleongtang (it was my first time eating it, and I thought it was good but bland), and then walked in the rain to Ch'eonggyech'eon. The original plan was to take a cruise on the Han River, but it was pouring rain, so I suggested taking a look at Ch'eonggyech'eon. Unfortunately, it was simply raining too hard and the area was closed to the public. So, we went to Red Mango and I got a watermelon smoothie-like thing. It was delicious and really tasted like watermelon. Mina got the mango flavored one. She realized she lost her phone, so I called her phone, and her guess was right; she had left it at Mindeulleh Cafe. So, we went back there, got the phone, walked as the rain got harder, and said goodbye at the subway station.

I woke up very late today, talked to my mom and brother on MSN but wasn't able to see them on the webcam, talked to Mike a little bit, ate at Bennigan's for the second time, asked a guy on the street if there was a cd store available, found the place easily (it's the same place from last year!) and bought three discs for 25 bucks; Jimmy Rushing, Big Joe Turner, and a Big Joe Turner/T-Bone Walker one. There was also a Sidney Bechet, a great Jelly Roll Morton that my local library has, and a solid John Hammond disc that I think is all electric. After that, I got an excellent haircut. It took almost two hours, I'd say, or at least an hour-and-a-half. The woman who cut my hair did a great job, and we talked in Korean the whole time. Then, a different woman, who is a year younger than me, washed my hair with shampoo, and then I sat back down in the original chair while the first woman styled my hair with gel. After all that, I got some honeydew/melon ice cream and then returned to my room. Right now, I'm listening to one of the discs I bought.

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