Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun With Taeha Noona In Sangsu/Hondgae

Yesterday, I met Taeha Noona at 7 PM in Sangsu. We ate delicious dwaeji galbi (the best I've ever had). There was plenty of meat and almost no fat on it! After that, we watched "Little Miss Sunshine" and then went to a "live" music club, which had a sign that said I.D. is required and G.I.s are not allowed in. We walked in to Clapton's cover of Big Bill Broonzy's "Hey, Hey" from his "Unplugged" album. We got two iced teas that were poorly mixed and full of sugar. "Tears In Heaven" followed. By the way, the woman didn't want to see my I.D. at all and could easily tell that I wasn't a soldier and was completely harmless hahaha. People started coming to the place about 25 minutes after we got there. We just sat there, relaxed, talked, and took pics. Then it was time for both of us to leave. So, yesterday, before I met Taeha, I ate 6 nuggets at McDonald's, 6 chicken tenders at Burger King (back to back), and then had lots of pork with Taeha when we met. On top of all this, when I got back to Shinchon, I went to KFC and had a Zinger chicken sandwich. Really healthy, Dan!!! hahaha

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