Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun With Sue In @ Shinchon! + Meeting Seong In & Cho Hye

Yesterday, it was 97 degrees outside, plus humidity. It was insanely hot. I thought I was going to die! I met Sue In at McDonald's, we went to Bennigan's to eat, and then watched "The Way Home" on dvd. It was an excellent, beautiful film! After that, we stopped by a cd store near Ewha and I got three cds for $25. My brother will definitely yell at me about that one haha. Then we had some Cold Stone, and by that time, I was coughing like crazy, probably from the strawberry smoothie at Bennigan's + the cold starwberry ice cream at Cold Stone. Unfortunately, it was so damned hot outside that I didn't realize I was taking in too much cold smoothie/ice cream crap. I was sweating and coughing from my body being hot and cold at the same time. We walked a little more, I said goodbye to her, and then I went back to the goshiwon and took some Tylenol. I spoke with Clara and Jana, and then my brother, mother and father on the webcam.

I went to bed very, very late, and had a horrible night, because of a terrible assault of text messages! Today, I met Seong In at 4 o'clock. We ate 6 nuggets at McDonald's, and then met his friend, Cho Hye, at around 5. She is very nice and pretty and speaks English extremely well. We had fun! We drank a little and ate a little and laughed a lot. When I got back to Shinchon, I was starving, so I ate a whopper at Burger King and took Elvis pics.

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