Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trip to Dongdaemoon

Today, I went to Dongdaemoon to check things out. On the subway, I talked to Minsoo on the phone, and he was surprised that I was able to get around Korea by myself. Dongdaemoon is like Namdaemoon meets Myeongdong. In other words, it's a giant market, but also has expensive, modern department stores. I took pictures and video of Ch'eonggyech'eon. I went to a department store looking for rock band shirts or shirts with Korean writing on them, and wound up making friends with three people working near each other at Migliore 백화점. 지혜 is the pretty one in the Lakers shirt, 은선 (I think?) is the short, young-looking one, and the handsome, muscular guy is 병수, I think. We talked about New York, why I like Korea, and what shirts Korean men often wear. I told 지혜 that one shirt she was selling had "나쁜 말" on it, because it said "fucking" haha. I told them about studying at Ewha last year and enjoying Korea, and I said Korean women are very pretty, including 지혜, which she liked to hear. After 병수 told me his name, I said "Oh, I am 병신". They found that funny. I said that I should buy something, because we had been talking for twenty or thirty minutes. I also said we should take pictures, which we did. Then I left them my MSN e-mail address and told them to add me. I told them that my last name is Pepper, like 피망, 후추, and 고추, but nobody laughed, because I think they didn't hear me haha. After that, I went to Myeongdong and wound up at a record and cd store. There were lots of old Blues and Jazz records, but I was looking for compact discs, naturally. I told the guy I was into Blues and he helped me look through everything. We settled on a great Little Walter cd and a Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis cd which turned out to be horrendous. I will try to sell it somehow. Then I ate at KFC and got two pieces of white meat to take home. I said "하얀 고기", and when the girl didn't understand, I said "가슴" 하하. In the afternoon, I listened to the Little Walter disc on my bed, fell asleep for two hours, then went to the lobby to talk to 홍성인 (I think that's his name), who works here, in Korean, for about twenty minutes. We talked all about me and my life and why I'm in Korea and girls and America, etc. Then I saw my friend from Finland and we ordered Domino's pizza, since it was his last night here! Right now I'm talking to Slick Nick.

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