Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meeting Eunhye & Jihye in Myeongdong

Yesterday, I woke up late, ate some chicken kebab, and called Eunhye, to confirm that we were meeting inside Dunkin Donuts in Myeongdong at five o'clock. Around four o'clock, I talked to a guy named Jason in the lobby. He's from California, looks to be a little older than me, and taught English in China for many years. He said he speaks Chinese better than 80% of the foreigners in China! He gave me some advice on teaching English in Korea. Anyway, I got on the subway, as it was pouring rain. I asked for directions to the Dunkin Donuts, and finally someone was able to point me in the right direction. It was actually right near the subway stop. I waited on the third floor of Dunkin Donuts, since the first two floors were totally filled up with people. I called Eunhye and she said she was on the subway. Around 5:20, I called her again, and as I was listening to the phone ring, she showed up with Jihye and said "hello". We sat down and talked, I showed them pictures from my camera, I told Eunhye she looks just like she does in her pictures and she's an "이쁜 여자". She denied it, of course, and pointed out her small pimple on her chin. We all took pictures together, and they actually came out good, unlike with 태하 누나. 은혜 is much more outgoing than 태하 and her English is better, too. However, she didn't seem as into me as 태하, but it may have just been her conservatism. She said she only dated one guy. I told Eunhye and Jihye all of my Professor Kim and Mike stories throughout the night, and also my "물 좀 주세요" one. I went to the bathroom at Dunkin Donuts, which was a bizarre experience. It was a bathroom for both men and women, meaning that there was a urinal, a stall, a sink, and men and women in there. Of course, men and women weren't allowed to be in there at the same time. A girl who was sitting with her friend next to the bathroom seemed like a good person to ask for advice about what to do. She sort of walked into the bathroom to let the girls know I had to pee haha. This was the closest I'd ever been to a women's bathroom. I actually got to see inside it. It was a little bit of a weird experience. Finally, they all cleared out of there, I peed, went back to Eunhye and Jihye, and we looked around for somewhere to eat. We went to two different places that had immense lines, so we settled on some Italian place. I got a barbecue pizza and they got a salad. They refused to let me pay, but they let me pay later on at Cafe Pascuci (spelling?), when I bought them coffee and got myself some green tea ice cream. By the way, right before the cafe, Jihye picked up some sheet music for Ravel, a Classical composer, at the same place where I bought my Jimmie Noone cd the week before. When Eunhye went to the bathroom at the cafe, I talked to Jihye about Eunhye and how the date was going haha. Then, Eunhye came back and we all talked some more. Eunhye said that some foreign soldiers go to her church, and she is friends with one, but he is not good looking. Then, it was time for Eunhye to leave, because she had an hour-long trip back home to 잠실, and she had woken up at 5 AM that morning! haha. Outside, it continued raining. I tried to get Eunhye to share my umbrella with me, but she shared it with Jihye instead. She is a conservative Korean girl haha. Then, at the subway station, it was time to say goodbye. I missed my subway, because I was saying goodbye to them with hugs, so I stayed behind. Then, two minutes later, another ride arrived for me, and I said goodbye. Next time, I'll go to 잠실 to see just 은혜. It was fun! Tonight, I'll meet 홍 성인 at exit 4 of 회현역 and we'll have some fun. Here are some pictures from yesterday!

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