Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Search For Lacoste Shirts In Itaewon

Yesterday, I went to Itaewon in search of Lacoste shirts. I had bought a sky blue one the week before. After walking around for over an hour and a half, and sweating to death, and asking numerous people where to find the shirts, only to be told that they aren't sold there, I finally found a woman who was selling them. I bought two, for a total of forty dollars. Apparently, the police had come around a few days ago and removed the bootleg shirts, someone said. That's why I wasn't able to find them at the original shop. I told the woman I bought the shirts from that I didn't mind that they were bootleg. I ate Burger King, since I hadn't had a hamburger in almost a full month. I also bought a wonderful B.B. King dvd of him performing live in Africa. It's only 48 minutes long, but it only cost me five bucks. I watched it last night. Before watching it, I talked with a truly strange Japanese man who looked to be in his late 30s or early 40s. This was at 12:30 AM at the youth hostel. He was way too loud and excited about everything. He knew all the old Blues guys I told him about, he also likes Deep Purple, and he likes Korea, and said this is his forth time here. He made way too much noise, though, so Seong In had to tell us to keep the noise down. He showed me his blog with his 100 cats he lives with, and I showed him a wrestling website which he loved, and also my Blues blog. Today, I think I'll go to MyeongDong to look for 돼지 고기 and also to maybe buy a Korean movie. It's supposed to be very hot today!

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