Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Last night was the first night I didn't update with an entry on this blog. I was so exhausted by the time that I got home. Yesterday, I stayed in my room most of the day, talked to Steve on MSN during the afternoon, ate chicken kebab in my room, along with some pear juice. Finally, around five o'clock, after talking to Nick on MSN, I took a shower and shaved, and went to HongDae to meet my friend, YoungRan. I got there early, around 7:10, so I sat in front of a cafe near 홍대 지하철역. I gave her a call, and she said she'd be there ten minutes late, at 8:10. She recognized me first. We ate bad Italian food. The pasta was fine, but there was barely any cheese, and there were only two little strips of grilled chicken. This was supposed to be chicken parmigiana, by the way. Ridiculous! Haha. One thing I will say about Korea, though, is that their American food is better than the American food in America. I mean, Burger King, McDonald's, probably KFC, and certainly Bennigan's and Friday's are better here than they are in America. And, of course, the service is certainly superior here. After eating with YoungRan, we walked around and went to 홍익대학교. I tried to take some pictures but it was too dark out. It was probably about nine o'clock at night at the time. We sat down at a bench and talked. Finally, she had to head home. She wakes up early every morning to swim and go to Chinese class. We had a lot of fun, and her English is beyond excellent, even though she said she thinks my Korean is better than her English. It's really not true! She enjoyed my stories about Mike and his perverted-ness. I also told her about Nick and Clara, because they're my best friends. YoungRan had three boyfriends. The first one was a Korean guy, the second one was an old white guy when she went to the U.S. (she went to New York and worked at the Grand Canyon in Colorado!), and the third one was a black African guy hehe. I told her about 소연 하하. She laughed her ass off. She especially enjoyed the story of 소연 showing up on my brother's birthday last month! At night, when I got back to Namdaemoon, I was very hungry, so I ate 야끼 만두. It was delicious. Here are some pictures!

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