Sunday, July 13, 2008

Insadong Meeting

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Insadong to meet two girls on a blind date. Their names are 승원 and 영미 (Seung Won and Young Mi). We ate delicious 삼겹살 and drank a little 소주. There was also some fried egg and 찌개 on the table. We took many pictures. After that, we walked around a little and ate 팥빙수. It was great. There was another one of those bathrooms for both men and women, and a women's bathroom next to it haha. Then, we walked along 청계천 and talked and took more pictures. Both girls are pursuing nursing. They are 21 years old. I gave 영미 my e-mail address and Blues blog address hahaha. She likes Louis Armstrong. 영미 told me she wanted to meet again, with 성인 and 승원. I told her I'd also like to meet her alone. Finally, it was time for the girls to leave. I said "좀 허그를 주세요" to them. They were a little surprised. Then, 승원 mentioned how French people say "hello" and "goodbye" with kisses. I said "too much" and we laughed. I went back to 남대문 and picked up some dumplings, and was up until 3 AM, talking to people on MSN. This morning, I woke up and called my brother, and he told me that my phone bill is 800 dollars=X. Here are some pictures!

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