Saturday, July 5, 2008

Falling On My Ass & An Iraqi Guy

I woke up today, showered, and, for lunch, I went to a nearby place to have 탕수육. When I got there, I felt the strange desire to take pictures, but I realized I didn't have my memory card in my camera. So, I ran back to the dorm, about one block away, got the memory card, and on my way back to the place, I fell down right on my ass, right outside the hostel. It was raining a lot, by the way. I went back in to wash my hands off. I think my American Eagle shirt is ruined. I changed and went back to the restaurant and waited fifteen minutes for my food. I never should have run there! I also waited all day to hang out with a friend, who didn't show up, because of work-related reasons. At night, I called Eun Hye and we talked for an hour! It was great. Tomorrow, I'll meet a friend at some place I've never even heard of. I really hope I'll be able to get there okay. I talked to Slick Nick on MSN today. At night I bought some chicken kebab and talked to the Iraqi guy there, Methak, for twenty minutes, about women. He wants a woman. He asked me how to introduce himself in Korean, and he asked me about "sex mall" and how to say "pussy" in Korean. I didn't tell him anything haha. Here are some pictures of a rather uneventful day of waiting, with no results.

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