Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kaeng, Shina, and 주은

Today, I woke up around 9 in the morning, went out and filmed the ten minute walk from my youth hostel to 남대문 시장. I get some chicken kebab from the Iraqi guy. Inside his little place, some Muslim guy was praying. After that, I drank some 매실 주스 because the kebab is spicy, and walked through the market. I bought a Baby Milo shirt, a shirt with a Buddhist 공안, and a Rolling Stones tour shirt, for about 23 dollars. Then I went to the computer in the lobby to talk to people, since my Internet was out all day. 진선 said she couldn't hang out until next week. I told 신아 this on AIM, and we decided to meet again at 5 PM today, along with 경은/갱 and her friend 주은. We went to a coffee place, talked about 소연, Jeff, America, Korea, and I said some dirty, funny things, as usual. After that, we walked around looking for somewhere to eat. We stopped at a few places in this famous neighborhood where actors and actresses go, but all the food sucked. We wound up at a Chinese food place that had small portions of food and was very dark. I joked around with Kaeng and told her she's a gangster, because Kaeng sounds like 갱, which reminds us of 깡패. I gave her some money for marijuana, in a joking fashion, and helped her pick out earrings. She punched my back to help me out. I still need a chair, desperately. Shina wrote out directions for me to get home. It involved transferring. I was able to do it okay. I said goodbye to 주은, the 중학생 (경은), and walked to the subway station right in back of us with Shina. I filmed her from the opposite side of the subway, and she gave me the middle finger 하하. Tomorrow, I plan on hanging out with Sumi.

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