Thursday, June 26, 2008

My First Two Days!

On June 24th, 2008, I went to the airport with my brother. At the check-in area, I was helped out by , who is 수미의 남자 친구. I knew he worked there, but it was still very funny. What a small world! He's the one who gave me Sumi's phone number here, and after talking to her, I basically decided that it was worth it to come here, since she was such a big help last year. After I registered my luggage and sat around with my brother for thirty minutes, I gave him a hug, and went through the umm area where the people yell at you. Then I sat at the gate for about an hour. When I boarded my plane, showed up to wave goodbye to me. The plane ride had a thirty minute delay, and I was on that damned plane for 14 hours 하하하. It was really exhausting. I had my Hank Williams book, I watched "Walk Hard" and listened to some music, so it was okay. It was much more pleasant than my airplane ride to Korea last summer.

When I got to Korea, it was about 5:30. I got my luggage immediately and took a bus. The ride was a little less than an hour and a half. The bus was almost empty. I met a girl from Hong Kong named Reika Angel. What a name, right? She is a fashion designer. We talked a little, and I took pictures through the window. After I got off the bus, I realized that
남대문 looks like crap compared to 신촌 하하. I had trouble finding Seoul Backpackers, which is my youth hostel, so I called my house, but my family couldn't really help me out. I just wanted to ask my brother if he could go on his computer and get me the phone number for the youth hostel. Suddenly, an 아줌마 in her mid-to-late 30s came up to me and tried to help me. She spoke English very well. I tried to use a little Korean, like "작은 가게", because "small store" was written on the directions to the place. Then, two Thai girls came up to me, one of whom was wearing a Kiss t-shirt, and asked me if I was looking for Seoul Backpackers. They said they were staying there too, and they pointed me in the right direction. I was sweating a lot by this time 하하. I walked in, met , who is a year older than me and runs the place. I paid for two weeks, though I'll be staying longer. I walked into my room, unpacked, tried to get the Internet working, and was able to do so only with Min's help. After unpacking a little, I looked around for somewhere to eat. I ate at some 호랑이 place. I had 버섯만두전골. It was too spicy because of the peppers inside of it. I became sick of Korean food by this time, after eating it in America last week with my brother, and having three meals of it on the airplane. After all this, I bought some juices, came back to the youth hostel, took a much-needed shower, talked to some people on MSN, and then went to bed. I called Sumi and she said she'd be able to hang out on Monday.

Yesterday, I woke up around 7 AM, I think, went back to bed, woke up, showered, went on MSN, talked to in the lobby about America, South Korea, North Korea and a bunch of other stuff, and then went walking around 남대문 시장. Most of the stuff there is for old women and little kids. It was very crowded. I met a guy who liked my Pink Floyd t-shirt. I also went into some underground shopping malls. I took some pictures and some videos, and ate a delicious pineapple. I also drank some bland 식혜 and bought a 대한민국 t-shirt, which looks to be much too small on me, but the woman working at the stand convinced me to by it. When I got back to the youth hostel, I met a guy from Finland outside. He was using his laptop and had just arrived a few hours before, he said. The Thai girls left to go back to Thailand. Nam, the girl who was wearing the Kiss t-shirt the day before, swore that the other woman with her was her mother, but I didn't believe that because she looked to young. My friend from Finland and I talked a little about movies in the lobby and then went to eat. I got 돈까스 and pineapple juice and he got 김치 볶음밥 and a beer. I bought toilet paper and juices on the way back. After that, I relaxed in my room, talked to Mike on Skype about his love problems and his missing Yoko, talked to a friend on webcam for a little, watched some Korean television, which always has beautiful women on it, and took another shower. Then I went to bed. I woke up today at 5:41 AM, I think, and found that the Internet was out. I went into the lobby to check the Internet connection on the computer there, and it was out too. I went back to bed and woke up around 8. I've been talking to people, including 진선이누나, on MSN since then.

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